About Nina's House



...a place where Families can grow

Bad things can happen to good families. When Family Court action involves children and requires intervention due to divorce, abuse or neglect cases; supervised visitation is the mandatory process to safely work toward reunification and permanence.  The need was defined by Rhode Island State Child Welfare Services managing approximately 3,000 such cases per year. 

Losing custody of a child is the nightmare, the tragedy for the family is the separation anxiety for all involved.  Imagine the thoughts of a toddler being removed from their parents.  Family separation can the bring long term resentment, guilt or fear of  “am I to blame?  …it must be my fault”. 

Our charitable effort financed and renovated a home in Providence, specialized for therapeutic visitation in a safe and secure setting for court involved families.  At Nina's House, "Families Together" clinicians are located on the second floor where they develop case plans to achieve the goals of family stability and timely permanency.

Other visitation sites are often noisy, cramped, intimidating offices, with random accommodations or when necessary...  held in a department of corrections facility.   Nina's House is a comfortable setting, designed with a comfortable living room, play space, the conversational kitchen table, appliances for cooking or a baking experience; a fenced backyard, toys, games and experienced friendly faces.  The model provides a supportive environment to facilitate communications in "a place where Families can grow".




VISITATION value points, as defined by family court:
require periodic reports about the visitation impact on the child.

The visitation goal is a setting to satisfy the needs of the child as family-friendly and home-like to:

Reduce the sense of abandonment and loss

Maintain the relationship with siblings, parents and significant individuals

Provide opportunity for social service workers to assess the parent/child relationship

For social service workers to assess the parent’s needs for rehabilitative services including parenting classes, substance abuse treatment or mental health intervention. 



The Nina Foundation is a Rhode Island organization charitable 501c3 providing a safe haven for supervised visitations between parents and children since 2012.  Nina's House offers a homelike setting, with privacy, comfort and safety under the care of in-house court authorized clinicians.

 “Families Together” clinicians have been recognized for quality performance over 20 years of service affiliated with the Providence Children's Museum and the Rhode Island Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF).

Families Together counseling, 200 families a year, now accounts for more than 1,000 client families completing the visitation process at Nina’s House.

Families Together at Nina’s House is acclaimed for their professionalism by the RI Family Court, was chosen as an exemplary State Child Welfare Initiative to host a US Congressional Health & Human Services Caucus .