It began as an agreement among family and friends to organize to make a difference for children in need.  The foundation has been operating for thirteen years and remains 100% volunteer based.  It has worked solely on Nina’s energy and family spirit, all profits and donations are invested in Nina's House to support her legacy.    As Nina would say... " a little kindness never hurt anyone ya' know".

We forged our relationship with the Rhode Island Department of Children in 2004.  "Families Together" joined us in 2010 to partner and plan the options and priorities that would be sustainable for child welfare. We fulfilled their joint request to find, purchase, renovate and maintain a home, designed for visitation.  Nina’s House continues with ongoing success as … “a place for Families to grow”  since February 2012.

The Nina Foundation was founded as a 501c (3) in January of 2003. For the first five years our family raised funds in Nina’s name through golf tournaments, dinner dances and raffles.   During that time, we served over forty families under state care; funding outstanding utility bills, purchase appliances, provide beds and bedding, deliver holiday surprises and purchase school clothing. We've funded a school bus for a charter school, donated to children's charities, and financed school tuitions.   Since 2010, Nina’s House has been and remains our singular focus.

The Dionne & Sullivan Families