About Nina

Nina’s House is the result of one family’s effort to leave a legacy for a beloved matriarch.  She was a loving mother of eight, being shaped by the needs and personalities of her children.  Her children became her fortune as twenty-eight grandchildren and thirty-seven great grandchildren blessed her 82 years.  She had a very clear understanding of their importance, as each and every child in her family enjoyed a special and very personal relationship with Nina.

She was a force of nature believing children are the priority and promise, deserving unconditional love.  With her passing in 2002, we wanted her values expressed to help children in need.

Nina's House is a 501c(3) Rhode Island based Charitable Organization

80th Olga Nina Sullivan Bertuglio - written by:  Erin,  Nina’s 23rd grandchild

written by Erin, Nina’s 23rd grandchild


"Nina" - so named by her first grandchild

Olga Sullivan Bertuglio believed every child deserved a safe, warm, loving environment with parents actively playing the role of coach, adviser and child champion.  She knew that parenting skills played the most critical role in the development of a child.

Nina's House helps parents to do just that. For those who have the instincts and observed their parents, the learning process can feel natural. Often, that isn't the case with those lacking the experience, support network or skill set. The hard lessons are that basic daily care of a child is invaluable to their development ...and required by law.

Care begins at infancy with feedings in the wee hours, wrapped in a blanket, comforted by a full stomach and gentle kisses. The bonding progresses as they grow, with balanced nutritious meals, clean clothes, a warm bed,  stories read, opinions heard and hopes & fears recognized.  Those kisses, hugs and cheer-leading parents encourage a child's growth and maturity -- every step of the way.

Parents wear many hats and earn the rewards for doing so, but children receive so much more. They learn love, respect, patience, values, morals and strength – to prepare for what life has to offer. Parents without the time and warmth of those skills let their children down and deny themselves the joys of life and love.

Nina's House is that warm, safe & secure place where parents are assisted and children flourish. Fragmented families under state care are coached to communicate and work to develop their skills.  Structured visitation sessions offer parents the opportunity to build on the skills and share in the love, joy and security ...."in a place where Families can grow".

Nina’s daughter Mary